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18K gold plated statement necklace with edgy shaped pearl pendant.

This is your must-have piece for summer. The super elegant chunky chain, paired with a cool, edgy shaped pearl is what makes this necklace so extravagant and creates a classic yet sparkish piece of jewelry.

Good to know:

For this necklace, we are using the same edgy shaped pearls as for the edgy Lili earrings. Since all pearls are shaped & formed by nature and as they have a very particular shape in general, you will have a very unique piece that you can truly call your own. The pearl will therefore naturally defer from the example picture.

Fun fact: The pendant is removable and you can wear the necklace by itself without the pearl. 

Each piece is hand-finished - please allow 2-3 days for the making.

Length of pearl: +/- 2 cm
Chain length: 45 cm

Chain: 3 microns 18K gold plated brass
Pearls: Real freshwater pearl in white

Pearl might defer from example picture as it is a natural product.

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