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18K gold plated statement necklace with large baroque pearl pendant.

This necklace is maybe our most precious necklace of the new collection. The extravagant shiny gold chain and the absolute unique baroque pearl pendant is what makes this piece so outstanding and one of our favorite necklaces of all times. 

Good to know:

For this necklace, we are using a large baroque pearl with the typical “fireball” shape that makes each piece of jewelry so special. Since all pearls are shaped & formed by nature you will have a very unique piece that you can truly call your own. Please note that due to its long cultivation time, some pearls might show slight defaults on their surface which is meant to be and occurs naturally.

Each piece is hand-finished - please allow 2-3 days for the making.

Length of baroque pearl: +/- 2 cm
Length total: 45 cm

Chain: 3 microns 18K gold plated brass
Pearls: Real freshwater baroque pearl in white

Pearl might defer from example picture as it is a natural product.

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