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18K gold plated, oval shaped hoops with real freshwater baroque pearls.

Lili & Rose are our two beauties of the Patkó Collection that are only available in a limited Edition. The signature “horseshoe”-shaped holder paired with peachy-rosé and lilac colored baroque pearls is truly unique and creates a piece that is so special in color & shape that you simply must fall in love with it!
Hurry up, if this is your favorite piece of the Patkó Collection since it is only available for a short time and won’t come back.

Good to know:

All our Patkó pieces are super lightweight and won’t pull the tip of your ear.

We are using real freshwater baroque pearls, shaped & formed by nature. Since all pearls are natural each pair of earrings is unique and will never look exactly the same - though we made a great effort to pick shapes that are the most similar to each other.

Each piece is hand-finished - please allow 2-3 days for the making.

Length of baroque pearl: 1-1,2 cm
Length of hoops: 1,9 cm
Length total: 3,3-3,5 cm

Holder: 3 microns 18K gold plated brass
Pearls: Real freshwater baroque pearls in lilac

Pearls might defer from example picture as it is a natural product.
In order for the pearl to “swing” naturally with all your movements, it is removable from the holder. However we do not recommend you removing it if you wish to keep the original quality of the product.

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