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The Story behind RÉVI

Follow the journey of RÉVI and its evolution over the years in the narrative of the founder Viktoria Rédey.

How it started


Having lived in Paris for several years I not only gained a strong understanding of French aesthetics but also developed the desire to express my own creativity and sense of style. Inspired by the French jewellery scene I decided to launch my own jewellery brand and to unify my Hungarian background as well as all the different cultures I have experienced throughout the years in my upcoming collections.

The idea becomes reality

The Launch

Though I am of Hungarian origin I never lived in Hungary before as I was born in Germany and passed then many years abroad. The roots were calling me since a longer period of time and when I finally moved to Budapest the idea I had envisioned in Paris became a reality: I launched my very own jewellery brand REVI STUDIOS in June 2018. A first collection with basic, everyday pieces that would complement any outfit and would suit all types of women was born.

Introducing pearl pieces

The Kaja Earrings

It's 2019: The brand is one year young and gained already a little bit of attention through magazine mentions, design markets and collaborations. It is also the year the first pearl piece was introduced to the collection: The special "horseshoe" shaped Pearl Earring KAJA which is until today one of the most desired pieces of the permanent collection. I think why KAJA became so popular is because of its timeless & clean design and the oval shape of the hoops which flatters any face shape.

New iconic piece

The Carla Earrings

In 2020 a new iconic member joined the collection: The CARLA Earrings. What made them so outstanding was the pairing of twisted hoops with irregular larger pearls - a rather rare find at the time of the launch. 2020 was also the year covid hit the world and small businesses feared for their survival. I must say though, what I have experienced during this time was extraordinary and makes it one of the most special years to remember in every positive sense: Immense solidarity, love and support - from influencers, friends & family and last but not least the RÉVI community.


Another Year of Covid

2021 is the second year the world lives with the impacts of covid - it marks also a challenging year in the young life of RÉVI. Feeling the aftermaths of restrictions and fear of an unknown end to the current situation makes it harder and harder to do "business as usual" - still, with markets during "covid-free" periods, the PILAR necklace & bracelet introduced and last but not least a strong, loving & loyal community, RÉVI stays spritely and is looking optimistically into the next year.

Time for evolution?

Heading towards change

With smaller collections introduced to the brand, 2022 is a rather quiet yet stable year for RÉVI from the perspective of the audience. What no-one knows yet is that there is already some active brain storming going on in the background in which direction the brand should be heading and that it might be time for a change, or let's call it rather evolution - always with the mindset to keep the core values and heart of the brand.

5th Anniversary


2023 marks the 5th anniversary of RÉVI - five impactful years with experiencing what it means to be an entrepreneur, running a small business and being a designer at the same time have passed. Looking back, and despite all the challenges every little business has to face, I must say that each minute of this journey was rewarding and the best path I could have taken. I still love my original idea of REVI STUDIOS but I also heard a little voice saying it's time for the brand to grow up a little and become more mature. Therefore I am inviting you to follow this evolution of REVI STUDIOS becoming RÉVI and I hope you will enjoy this new and exciting journey.

Love, Viktoria

P.s. Do you know where the name RÉVI comes from? It's a composition of the first two letters of my name RÉ-dey VI-ktoria, hence the introduction of the accent on the É which is originally part of my name.


The Founder

Viktoria Rédey was born and raised in Germany and is of Hungarian origin. After graduating from two business universities she pursuit a career in marketing and has worked for some of the most prestigious luxury houses, the last one to be the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Group (LVMH) in Paris. After living in five different countries and having spent six years in Paris her roots were calling and she moved to Budapest where she founded her brand RÉVI.


The understated irreverence

RÉVI speaks to the quiet-irreverence devotee. With an aspirational and curated trans-seasonal approach to design, RÉVI highlights the cult of longevity and familiar relevance. Inspired by an effortless approach to a staple look, the label magnifies the importance of reducing wardrobes by introducing a sartorial wearability across jewellery.
RÉVI’s covetable and modern femininity stays relevant, unfussy and thoughtful without ignoring body and form; It stays aligned with a grounded point of view, re-imagining everyday chicness and classics’ significance.

RÉVI is the epitome of intentional nonchalance.

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