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Baroque pearls on a vintage inspired pearl earring holder.

A real love affair is this pearl earring with finest hand selected baroque pearls of the highest quality and a unique vintage inspired pearl holder. Get it now at our special introduction price - for a limited time only. (You can later purchase it at its regular price). 

Good to know:

For these earrings, we are using high quality (AAA+) large baroque pearls with the typical “fireball” shape - it is exactly that shape that gives this piece of jewelry its heart & special character. These pearls show know imperfections on their surface and have a beautiful irregular shape. Since all pearls are shaped & formed by nature NO PAIR of earrings will ever look the same - which also means you will purchase a very unique piece that you can truly call your own. 

These earrings are easy to wear, they don't have a heavy feel and the stud gives a very stable hold. They also bring the perfect coverage for ear holes that might have been layered out over time.

Each piece is hand-finished - please allow 2-3 days for the making before shipping.

Length of baroque pearl: +/- 2,2 cm
Length of hoops: 1 cm
Length total: +/- 3,5 cm

3 microns 18K gold plated brass
Real freshwater pearls

Pearls might defer from example picture as it is a natural product.

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